Starting sharing the design file (Parts for Drinky2 Head)

I’m about to use an online 3d cad tool rather then Autodesk Inventor.  Because it is easier for sharing design files to public than offline cad tool. Maybe we can regard an online 3d cad as Google Docs. The online cad is OnShape.…/9bbb30…/e/8f73185a492243b751d9d15c

This is the website and you don’t need to download any installation file and you can just use 3d cad!

Because I’ve been learning OnShape, I can’t upload frequently but I think that sharing from small things from time to time is better than sharing everything after finished.It is kind of “lean way”

I’m ashamed that Drinky version 2nd has many things to fix but I think I can learn from this experience. Sharing , fixing, updating and getting feedback.


Drinky version 2nd has 3 motors for 3 axis rotation.

On Android or iOS , you can download Onshape application and see it.

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