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You can use S-Etukortti Visa for all payments at home, abroad and online and make cash withdrawals from ATMs with Visa.

In addition to your card, you will receive a bonus and payment for S Group purchases and price benefits from our S Group and our partners.

With Visa Debit and Credit / Debit you can also withdraw and deposit cash free of charge at most S Group sites.

Sign your card, turn it on, and benefit from the benefits!



The archipelago card issasis means a near payment feature,
you can pay for less than € 25 in purchases quickly without any credit card or signature.

You will get a close-knit debut on the debit side of your account for the first time by entering your orthopedic payment terminal.

Find out more about how to get closer to


Check the security clearance

You can influence the security of your card by choosing the appropriate cash withdrawal threshold, bid limits, and geographic limitations for your card. You can see your bank security net from the bank and S-mobi i i where you can also change them conveniently

Report the loss of your card

Keep your card carefully. If your card is lost, immediately issue a notice to the cancellation service at +358 20 333.

For more information about S-Bank’s cards and other products and services, please visit our website or call
Our customer service: 010 76 5800, Mon-Fri 9-20 (0.0835 € / call + 0, 1209 € Imin).



Your S-Front Card is a sign of customer ownership. As a co-owner, you can get Bonus from the S Group and your partners at over 2,000 bonuses
around Finland.

For S-Etukortti you will also find many product and service benefits, hotels, department stores, cafes, restaurants and car parks, as well as price advantages for a variety of

The S-Etukortti is also an excellent payment instrument. When you pay for your purchase, you can get a bonus of 0.5% in addition to the bonus.

The payment method is paid on purchases of the S Group’s branches in Finland.



Bonus is accumulated at the bonuses at the bonuses, even
5% of the total amount of monthly installments. Bonus is calculated on your own
according to a step-by-step bonus table.
The ABC fuel meter fuel tanks are paid
instead of a percentage-based Bonus. refueling Bonus
will be paid for the liters per month.
The advantage in these per liter is the same as the month
bonus percentage.
Apart from refueling purchases, ABC is also paid by Bonus
a percentage. The euro will also increase by increasing the volume of liquid handling
Bonus per cent. Additional information about the bonus:


The bonus and the payment method are paid to the client-owner economy
the last month of purchases to the payee’s account balance
By 10 days. Both the Bonus and the payment order are calculated
all of which belong to the client-owner economy
Month purchases. That is why every family member is worth it
t delight your own S-Front Card.

If you use a card in connected services such as electronic
check out the receipts, be sure to visit the update for the new one
Your S-Etukortti is located at the self-service point of the establishment
S-Etukorttipäätteessä. More information on electronic cash receipts as well
Instructions for updating the card: S-kanava.fi/kassakuitti.


• S-mobile. Download your free smartphone with a free S-mobile application.
• From your S-channel. Create your own logins and log in
service at S-kanava.fi.
• Locations located at self service points
S-Front Card Terminals. You need your S-Front Card and yours
CID. You can check your Customer ID for My Account
• You can get the Bonus Information from the lead member of the Coworker’s Economy
also by email by ordering a monthly bonus report.
For information about the most up-to-date benefits, S-mobile and
$ Canal. You can also get a summary of the current benefits
to your own email when you enter your email address and it
marketing permission on your own S-channel.


The personal data of S-Etc card holders are stored in the S Group
as well as the owner and customer register. Using S-Front Card
To earn a bonus, you agree to save your purchase details
register and showcase your co-owner equity in the community
bonusostokertymässä. Summary of information about the owner of a housing economy
making purchases can be shown to the economy
belonging to the S-channel 1a and S-mobile. See the registry
register ascendent: S-ka nava. fi / rekiste riseloste.
For more information about low ownership:
S-kanava.fi or 5-rylT’s a-si-a-brsDTnistajä service,
tel. +358 10 76 5858 Mon-Fri 8-20 (0.088 € / min)





You have access to S-Etukortti Visa, which is both versatile
the means of payment and the key to the S Group’s customer support. From here
in the brochure you will find more information on the features of your card and the introduction of the card
From S-Bank’s card selection you will always find the answer to your needs
debit card:
• Visa Debit is a payment card to pay the sum
will be charged to the S-Bank’s account, ie S-Account.
• Visa Credit is a credit card for which the amount is credited
credit card from Lille.
• Visa Credit / Debit is a payment and I card for which you are paying
you can choose from either side of the purchase to be charged.
All S-Etukortti Visa cards are a payment method in Finland,
abroad as well as the network. Additionally, you will be rewarded with Bonus Cards
as well as paying for S Group purchases and you get price benefits
both from S Group and from our partners.

All S-Etukortti Visa cards are chips and payable
is safe. Enter the card into the chip card and accept the payment
Key figures. When paying with a Visa Credit / Debit Card, check out
the payment method you want before accepting the purchase.
Visa Debit and Credit / Debit cards have a near-pay feature,
which allows you to pay less than € 25 for purchases without keystrokes
easily, quickly and safely. You can use a card i
to the nearest point at any point of sale that receives
near payments and with a payment terminal that has a near payment
Arch ID.
The Instant Payment feature is activated when the debit side of the card is made
the first accepted event where the card is fed
the payment terminal. Close payments are always deducted from the debit side of the card
that is, the current account.
For security reasons the number of successive payment transactions is
limited. In addition, the payment terminal may occasionally ask you
insert the card into the reader and key in the keypad as well
less than £ 25 for your shopping. That is how it is written that the card
is its rightful owner.
Your Visa card also registers at Bonus S Group’s locations
by taking the card near the payment terminal before paying. this
regardless of the total amount of your purchases.
Find out more about how to make a prize online


You can pay for your purchases online from the Credit or Debit side
according to the payment characteristics. You need to pay
card number plus the validity of the card and the three-digit number
check the chapter. From the adjacent pages you can see where you can find it
required information.
Your card is linked to Verified by Visa, which improves
online payment security. When making online purchases
you are accepting purchases for personal online banking.
The online payment is the safest part of the page, as it is
Verif ied by Visa -tunnu p.
With your S-Front Card Visa Card, you can withdraw cash from all Visatunnos
labeled automata in Finland and abroad.
In addition, Visa Debit and Credit / Debit cards are free of charge
raise and deposit cash at the S Group’s outlets.
If you have an S-Front Card with a credit facility
Visa Credit or Credit / Deb it card i, you can transfer money to a Visa card
your bank was easily accessed either in Netbank or S-mobile.
The money you transfer will be immediately visible to you and will be the same for you.

S- Credit Card Visa Credit / Debit
Credit card number
Exhausted time
F ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
check number
S-Front Card Visa Debit
Debit Card Number
CVV or Debit Card
check! u ku
Debit Card Number
Term of validity
CVV or Debit Card
check! u ku


The S-Etukortti Visa is a personal and non-personalized gift
for a person. Keep the card as carefully as possible and operate the card
The outside of the unit is to separate it from the cradle so it will not come out of the outside
It is worth the time to check on the cash changeover date
and the network payment and the road area Lise’s regional development n. Ko rtin
Safeguards do not change your phone in your network or your bank
S-mobi ilissa ko rt in data. The other parts of the body must be strengthened
t unn us lu vul la. The border is not free and I change it
they are both in use and in desire.
We recommend that you use this product in the near future,
that you will not be able to do so in the same way. Esi merkiks
I use the card to read it in Finnish, and change it
Estimation of the limitation for travel abroad.


The S Group’s co-owner will enjoy S-Bank’s best interests in:
you will get the use, the bank and the fee for your use of the aircraft
months and years.
Payments for basic services are provided by our law
life in small mouth and mouth. 5 000 to 50 000 euros
it is possible that you will not have the S-L in your home
homeowner’s apartment loan.
Our range also includes easy weather and weather
as well as some solutions – you did not want to save a fortnight at i
is to send a larger sum of times a la.
Find out more about our products and services in detail
Maksuto’s S-mobile is the service provider of Heli messaging services.
Sove ll ukse n has utta vo it esi merkiksi:
• that they are responsible for the balance of the connected and co-operative
• you will be able to find your own home and pay the bill
• you are scratching your eyes on your hand
• Changes the com puter and th e rs
• you know how to use the mailbox when you are home, and what is it
you can not forget
• take a rat at the month of Ude’s credit skert ymöy i and
• track investment.
For more information, please contact s-mobiili.fi and contact us.
You need to take the S-Bank’s debut on your own



The customer service lunume rum serves Monday – Mon 9-20.
• S-Pank in Customer Service tel. +358 10 76 5800
(€ 0.0835 / call + 0 € 1209 min)
• Contact person for the customer service tel. +358 10 76 5858
(€ 0.088 min)
Our customer service is our prism, the largest in our company
In the Sockets and Selected S-ma rkies, you will be able to find the right place
also on Saturdays and Saturdays. The closest thing to the case is to get up
you can find it at s-pankki.fi.
You can find out more about the new and the S Group
you can find it at www.s-kanava.fi.
If the S-Front card is lost or suspended! it’s out of the ordinary
please do so without losing any effort
a common va ltakunna llc shark shroud nu me Roo’s:
• Finland is playing 020 333
• from abroad, please call + 358 20 333
The daily charge is open 24 hours a day.
Reportedly, there was a great deal of abuse in the world
as well as the S-Panki l le st of the cards.




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