JIBO Homage – A music dancing robot

Dear Jibo,

I cannot forget the moment when you were introduced to the world.

Thanks to you, many people including myself have been inspired.

I respect you. So I made this robot jusct as people make their hero figures by themselves.

Thanks again, Jibo

Best regards,

Eunchan Park

———————————— Parts ———————————

3.5 mm Aux Cable (2ea) http://ebay.to/2C8MyFu

Jumper wire (M to M) (9ea) http://ebay.to/2olxhrG

3 Pin JST SM Male Female Plug Connector http://ebay.to/2CAHhlM

Aux Y Spliter http://ebay.to/2BHvANx

Pin header for attaching shield http://ebay.to/2BJtL2N

Arduino Nano (with cable) http://ebay.to/2EI8ZiJ

Arduino Nano Expantion board http://ebay.to/2BGlcpg

Sparkfun Spectrum shield http://ebay.to/2EXsnvo

ServoMotor Shild http://ebay.to/2oli7Te

WS2812b LED 24 Ring http://ebay.to/2ofqKiZ

Capacitors (4700 uF, 10V) (2ea) http://ebay.to/2on2oTD

WS2812b LED Connector http://ebay.to/2onyAWZ

Towerpro MG90S http://ebay.to/2HyOMNZ

Screw Bolt M2 – 6mm (8ea) http://ebay.to/2oiTG9R

———————————— Tools ———————————

Screw Driver (+) http://ebay.to/2CAyIaX

Hot melt glue gun http://ebay.to/2sKDKSs

Soldering Tools http://ebay.to/2Gw6Qae

Wire Nipper http://ebay.to/2FilO4a

Wire Stipper http://ebay.to/2oeJajI

Electronic Tape http://ebay.to/2EK0wQ8

Filament for 3d print (PLA 1.75mm) http://ebay.to/2sIp6v7

3D printer (P802MA) http://ebay.to/2CAjUZy

————————- Instruction ————————–

Source Code https://github.com/happythingsmaker/jiboHomage

3D model file (for 3d printer) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2801850

Instruction https://sites.google.com/view/100happythings/13-jibo-homage

———————————— Follow Me ———————————

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happythingsmaker/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happyThingsMaker/

Blog : http://happyThingsMaker.com

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