Application Story for Maker faire UK 2017

Application for participation

One day, one of acquaintance who is the best tutor in Maker movement told me there will be MakerFaire UK soon. And It had been opened for application. So I ran to computer and started to write an application form.

Applied and Booked flight

I just put brief introduction about robot and me, just applied. And bought a flight ticket to UK.


After few weeks, I got an message that I unfortunately refused.
I got shocked. I got shocked. I really didn’t know that I dropped. It couldn’t have been worse. I already bought my flight. . So, I send a mail for asking them let me know if there’s vacant room.

Asking the reason I can’t get accepted

But the reply was amazing. My robot drinks alcohol, it is not good for kinds because that place and the events for kids!
Aha! I got it! After I received the mail, I replied again I have another robots and even thought I didn’t applied with it, I would have participated with them. Explaining that, I sent more detailed information about it.

Finally I got accepted from MakerFaire!!

All I have to do now is signing an agreement and so on.

I could learn from this happening.
First, Asking reasons if I don’t understand.
Second, Active attitude
Third, Don’t rush!

I’m looking forward to it!

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